The Tears of the Stars Universe is a big place. Here you can find additional information on select locations, species and background information from the book.

Systems & Planets

Dossier: Thelion System – The locals’ name for the star 18 Scorpii, Thelion is home to humanitys’ second heart – Darnika.
Dossier: Darnika – A detailed description of the planet Darnika, its geography & climate as well as its fauna and flora.
Dossier: Brief History of Darnika – An overview over the road that led to modern Darnika.
Dossier: Atreius Link – an area of peculiar galactic real estate, constantly changing hands between the Kessari and the Yel.


Dossier: Imprints – A good look on the artificial leaders of the Kessari and Yel blocs – the Imprints.
Dossier: The Kyaar – Primarily known as the commandos of the Yel bloc, there is far more to the Kyaar than their battle prowess.
Dossier: Earth Fleet – The clandestine organization protecting modern-day Earth.
Dossier: The Iani – the Yel-aligned species sitting at their end of the Atreius Link.


Dossier: Altspace – Term encompassing the realities of FTL travel and movement in space.
Dossier: Type 7 – Sturdy and reliable, the Type 7 has become the iconic workhorse of Earths’ fledgling fleet.